Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The Name alone stands for LEGEND, I've been a long time admirer of Barbra Streisand, she is to this day THE BEST singer I've ever come across yes there are many good singers and even pleasant singers but only one takes the Throne. What makes her really good is that she thinks of herself as an actress first. So she approaches a song as an actress, she gets right down to the meaning of the song and the story it tells, then she sings every song with beautiful tones, and lushness, richness and the wonderful layer of emotions into each song. Her range of depth in her emotion and knowledge of the words of a song just becomes a force to be reckoned with.

From her first Debut of THE BARBRA STREISAND ALBUM in 1963 she captivated audiences not only because she was a beautiful singer but because she was performing music with orchestra and strings during the Rock & Roll era as well as the Motown Era. The best part about her story is where she was told to do her music a certain way and/or she had to fix her nose and change her name she said NO! she had so much power already at 19 she said NO and took her risk and made it big, from 1963-1969 She had already had 12 albums under her belt. What made her a STAR was her Feature Film debut playing the role of Fanny Brice in FUNNY GIRL earned her first Oscar Win too. the film debuted in 1968 she then also filmed another musical classic HELLO DOLLY.

The 1970s probably her most interesting years of her career  Her music style had changed it went more tempo and contemporary  with it as well as her films, she also tapped into her more sensual side during this era She had her biggest hit in 1973 both in film and music, THE WAY WE WERE, and she had several strings of big hit blockbuster films in this era: The Owl and the Pussycat, For Pete's Sakes, Funny Lady (2nd film to Funny Girl), A STAR IS BORN (which also held her signature song EVERGREEN and it won her another Oscar for best original song) The Main Event, She also dabbed a little bit in the Disco as well of few more strings of hits with, No More Tears with Donna Summer (Rest In Peace Disco Queen). My personal favorite album in this era was Superman, the songs on it were amazing and has the best version of New York State of Mind i've ever heard to this day. Wet her last Disco album is the one that has the duet with the Disco Queen but it also carried the best version of Come Rain  or Come Shine ever recorded. As i said 1970s treated her real good, professionally anyways.

1980s started out with a bang musically she collaborated with Barry Gibbs of the Bee Gees in making the biggest album of her career GUILTY. She Directed, produced, wrote and starred in YENTL, a emotional movie that took place when in the days when learning for women was a demonic thing to do (how stupid is that) but the story is terrific and the music of the film is fantastically written, The Film should have won best Picture! Then a couple of low selling records until she took a big yet another big risk, she produced THE BROADWAY ALBUM, selecting songs from her favorite Broadway shows, during the 80s it was a dance/ syntho pop era, that's why it was a risk and she shattered yet more records with her risk taking moves. SMART WOMEN DON'T YOU THINK!! She also had NUTS a film that probably showcased her Acting talent the most. she then did her first concert since 1972 with One Voice concert special for HBO the concert was a big hit so they released her concert onto cd and video tapes.

1990s. She only had done a few albums in this era but all of which still hit big on the charts making her the only Artist to have a #1 album in each decades, her 1994 Concert tour was her first tour ever and sold out at every venue she visited all concert tickets were sold out within minutes of being released. 1997 she released HIGHER GROUND probably her most mature album that shattered records in the 90s and had her duet with Celine Dion "Tell Him" which won a Grammy. 1999 she release A Love Like Ours album as a sequel to People  (1964) it was also a tribute to her new husband. Oh i forgot to mention she has a son name Jason Gould (from first marriage to Elliot Gould[who plays Monica's dad on Friends]) anyway the album wasn't number one but it still hit the top 10s.

2000-2009 She starts the decade with her New Years Eve/Day concert and of course naturally was a big hit as well did the recorded concert put in a two disc.  THE MOVIE ALBUM featured songs from Old films was placed in the top 10. then she collaborated with Barry Gibbs again for GUILTY PLEASURES and scored with hits yet again on the charts her first album since the early 80s to contain heavy beats the record was beautifully and tastefully done. She then set out to do her biggest tour since 1994 in 2006 shattered Records yet again. she then release a soft album 2008 LOVE IS THE ANSWER which also hit #1 on the 200 ablum list, this album is one of my favorites because it's just her and just a piano, drums, bass and her it's beautiful. she then did a promotion ONE NIGHT ONLY 2009 concert for that album at the Village Vangaurd a very tiny and cramped club a very personal concert.

2010-Present she has done one album WHAT MATTERS MOST and released her unreleased songs on RELEASE ME (fantastic works) and She Embarked another tour she is going to be schedule again later this year she completed 20 city in 2012. now she's adding more dates 2013 hope i get to go to her at least ONCE! she's worth the money!!!

SEE BARBRA STREISAND the name itself screams Legend, the only Artist to receive a TONY, GRAMMY, OSCAR, and GOLDEN GLOBE.  if you have never watched her or listened to her you are missing out!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Arrow Wednesday Nights  has been my ritual of late, this show has left it's mark on me. Stephen Amell who plays Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow is really really pretty and i don't mind seeing his abs on the screen here and there but he's terrific actor and the rest of the cast is very very good! This is a fresh show and they of course changed things around with the story of Green Arrow as most shows do in order to live long as a Series. I'm worshiping this show, it does replace the emptiness that Smallville left after being on air for 10 seasons but i think the CW has another greatest Hit on the network. BRAVO CW TV!! i recommend you all to watch it it's insanely addictive and the action sequences will BLOW YOUR MIND, it's really well choreographed, This show is just simply magnificent!  

Also Colton Haynes from "TEEN WOLF" 's Jackson Whittmore has joined the series as Roy Harper! another hottie to look at for this gay boy hehe..

The Richardson Family

My favorite Family, 

I'm am going to miss These Three a great deal, but i'm extremely happy at the awesome opportunity Josh is getting. They are moving to Klamath Falls, Oregon i think that alone is awesome, means a new state for me to visit!! haha.  

The story about how i know this great family..  well...

it all started fall of 1992 i visited Morningside Elementary because they had the Utah School For the Deaf and the Blind section there. I walk in completely nervous and scared because my family and i had just finally discovered i was hard of hearing and in process of getting my first hearing aids, this whole process of going to a different school without my neighborhood friends was a frightful notion. as soon as i walked in i noticed this very very bright blond Hair girl who walked straight up to me and said "Come here, i'm going to be your best friend and we going to do this Nutcracker!" She grabbed my hands and we decorated this nutcracker that the teacher gave us as an assignment. Queen and I've been best friends ever since that day. This November will mark our 21 years of being friends. yes we've known each that long. the stories we could tell but won't!! SOME but not ALL.. 

Over the years we've just gotten stronger in our bond it's has become a brother/sister type deal, then Josh finally came in the picture when we both went to college at SLCC, a friend of hers introduced them. 

They have been together for 5 years before they even got engaged. when they finally got engaged i was the "MAN" of Honor for the wedding and i had a great time with that role.. then later in over a year they gave me the news that they were having a baby i was extremely thrilled. 

I was there for the birth of their BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS AVERIE JO, who I completely adore she is just one happy baby, and i am so enjoying the Uncle Joey Role even though i'm not related by blood but i feel like one.

ALSO I forgot to mention they have a beautiful Husky by the name of Diesel  and he is very protective of Averie and he is the most lovable dog in the world and kind of a attention-whore haha.. I love him tho regardless he's the best blanket in the winter just an FYI.

Kellie Jo "Queen" Richardson, 
I love you with all my heart your my best friend/sister i could ever have, i'll see you soon!
 Love you,
Joey "Duke" Borg

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sorry For the Hiatus!

I've had quite a busy year last 2011 hardly had time to sit down and do any writing.. but now that i'm almost another year older i get tired easier now.. it's easier to manage my time and schedule.. soon after this message i'll post up several blogs about many of the movies' musics' and so on with my thoughts on the them..

Thank you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Thoughts on SMALLVILLE SEASON 9 (spoliers contained)

Well First of all what a comeback season after the last two years season 7 and 8 have had ups and downs but this year they kept soaring higher and higher every episode was impressive and beautifully written, directed and acted...
Tom Welling possibly in his best shape in his life he's never aging what is his secret and i want it.. plus i need to get more in shape myself. But that's besides the point.. Season 9 opened with so much action packed moments and ended in a true Smallville Cliffhanger style the best cliffhanger since season 4.. and LOIS FINALLY KNOWS ABOUT CLARK after 6 years man i thought I'd given up!!! the way she found out was Classic.. (but wonders if she knows that it was him kissing her when he pretend to be green arrow for a few mins back in season six, that should be interesting) all we need now is him flying and him flying in tights.. but mostly i just wanna see Tom shirtless some more in the final season (I'm dirty minded so what?) also. The whole Zod and his armies thing i thought at first when i heard this was happening i was like okay now they are just overdoing it.. but it worked out really really well, and Callum as Zod was perfect choice.. and Erica as Lois this season had more screen moments this year finally it made me really happy that they finally wrote the story to have both Clark and Lois give dating a try but you can see it's perfect the character Clark genuinely loves Lois ( and you can see it's much more healthy and better then it could've ever been with Lana) Lana was too much towards season 7 when they brought her back on season 8 i was hoping for a better closure but it think the show was written as thought Clark in someway knew it wouldn't work and he started opening his eyes and found a much better version of love in Lois.. The writers of this show are brilliant and F*%#$ing creative i want to kiss them all!! Also Smallville hits a milestone getting a season 10 holy S*$t I've been watching this show for 10 years since i was 13.. and after this year it will be no more :( (yes I'm sad but in a long run I'm happy and it's time for all of us to move on sometimes.) another milestone when this show ends it will have 218 episodes all together (whew that's more then most shows i love that i can happy with) the reason i say that is because they ended Buffy to fast for my taste and Angel just canceled while still had high ratings boo!! so as long as they end the series in Superman Fashion I'd be the happiest boy (alright man) in the world.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blu-Ray disc/dvd player!

Well the day after Christmas i went to Best Buy to purchase myself a SONY blu-ray disc and standard DVD player for myself since for Christmas i got a couple of Blu-Ray movies.. and get this the best way to watch movies ever!...

I'm so proud to be an owner of Blu-Ray i hope it continues and not drop like HD DVD did, i've never in my life seen such a perfect picture on screen I thought HD TV and hi def movies would do the trick but man was i proven wrong..

even when you put in you regular dvd in this Blu-Ray Disc/DVD player it upgrades your DVDs in to HD, there are some movies where actors and actresses are meant for regular standard players but it's amazing... if you are questioning or debating on whether getting it or not, don't waste time and do it. but buy what i got beacuse that way you don't have to get rid of your dvd collection just buy blu-ray from now on and enjoy both in HD...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Obsession on the year!!

The Complete Collection of Charmed Series Set.. (it's in a shape of a freaking Book Of Shadows) i love it so much it's so freaking cool. it contains some of it's beautiful arts and every episodes from the series including the pilot episode with a different Phoebe Actress (which I'm glad they switched out because Alyssa Milano is a much better actress then the other one) and it also contains episode guides.. this is an amazing shit.. I recommend it to Charmed Collectors out there...

I bought it even though i already had all 8 seasons of Charmed on DVDs but for some reason i just couldn't not get this.. how bad am I??....

Don't Answer that...

See for yourself...